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Arrive Sunday to participate in Monday’s Networking Activities

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Bring plenty of business cards, relax, meet-and-greet during this fun-filled day devoted to making new contacts and new friends.


Dublin Taste & Tour Check In

Join us for a unique experience in Dublin as we take in the sights and explore all the Emerald Isle has to offer.


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Speaker & Thought Leader Orientation

An essential meeting for speakers, facilitators and confirmed thought leaders to preview the event, highlight your roles and network with fellow peers.


Participant Meet ‘n’ Greet
This end-user/participant activity is your opportunity to identify right out of the gate – those peers who share challenges similar to your own. It’s a great way to find participants who have thought leadership you can benefit from and to facilitate later dialogues throughout the event.


Welcome Networking Reception and Event Kickoff

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Meet your fellow peers and colleagues and enjoy a little C&C, conversation & cocktails!

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Registration, Continental Breakfast, and Exhibition



Strategic Vision: A 3-5 Year Transformational Customer Strategy Plan

Ashley Cook, Customer Relations Director, Three Ireland

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Drawing from his experiences at Three Ireland, one of the country’s leading mobile networks with over two million customers, Ashley will shine light on how they came to understand the customer experience through their journeys and leveraged that data to drive marked improvement across the organisation. Hear a first-hand story of the initiative, lessons learned, outcomes and next steps as they developed an integrated digital customer service and self-serve strategy.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Thought-provoking analysis from using weighted customer journeys to give a company customer experience score
  • Insights into how to move customers from traditional channels into digital assist and pure play digital
  • Share the success of enhancing customer service/CX whilst reducing overall operating costs

Implementing the Vision – Embedding Customer-Centricity Across Your Company

Justin Conry, Head of Transformation, Three Ireland

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Drawing from his experiences at Three Ireland as Head of Transformation, and from 20 year experience in Operations and Change Management, Justin will provide a more detailed look at the challenges he and his team faced in embedding CX & Digital into the culture of the company. Justin will bring to life the successes, failures and learnings from a 3 year journey of introducing company-wide CX as opposed to unit based transactional CSAT or NPS.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Lessons learnt, pitfalls and solutions for leading a culture change that puts CX at the heart of the organisation
  • A blueprint for building support using both eXperience & Operational (X & O) data analysis
  • Further insight on the positive causal link between employee experience and the impact it has on customer experience


Navigating Customer Contact Europe



Smart Technology & Successful Customer Service Agendas

Jean-Marc Codsi, General Manager Europe,

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The CS world is full of opportunities to improve and the levers to lift it include People, Technology and Processes. Yet, the balance between cost management and customer experience is not so easy to achieve…and CS Experts might have some blind sides they are not aware of. Follow the story and jump start your learning curve!

Key Take Aways:

  • The critical, key features of good (and bad) CS strategies
  • The one thing you need to move your “big rocks”! (quick wins)
  • A firm understanding of what the MD/CEO finds relevant and really wants from CS


Frost & Sullivan Customer Contact Executive MindXchange Advisory Board and Member Recognition


Networking, Refreshment, and Exhibition Break

Featured Demonstration Hosted by:


Customise your agenda! Stay the course with one zone or bounce around to others. All collaboration zones are Power-Point Free, participant-driven discussions featuring creative thinking and idea generation.

Choose one of the following zones:

Zone 1. Thriving in a New Era of Customer Experience Innovation
Zone 2. Reinvigorating the Customer Journey
Zone 3. Reinventing Leadership and Talent



ThinkTank sessions employ interactive team exercises in a “roll up your sleeves” learning environment.

Choose one of the following zones:

Zone 1. Customer Experience Innovation: Digital Disruption and Opportunity

Andrew Bowman, Outsourcing Lead, Nestle Nespresso
Luke Horwath, Head of Customer Relationship Centres, Nestle Nespresso
Lauren Kindzierski, Vice President of Solutions and Capabilities, HGS
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Digital disruption has already revolutionised industries across the globe, and the customer service industry is no exception. Digital interactions now account for more than 42% of all interactions taking place inside contact centres across the globe. At that current rate, digital is expected to overtake voice in 2018. Is your contact centre ready?

Key Take-Aways:

  • Tips for getting started on the digital transformation journey
  • Best practices for measuring digital success
  • Lessons learned from bots and AI integration
  • Determining whether channel guidance or channel preference is the right framework
  • Strategies for implementing and improving text message customer service
Zone 2. Structuring and Managing the Omni Channel Experience

Rob McDougall, Chief Executive Officer, Upstream Works Software
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Today, customer experience (CX) management requires an omni-channel contact centre solution that provides a consistent, low-effort, personalised experience across every interaction, every channel and every time the customer engages with an organisation.

Effectively managing day-to-day omni-channel CX requires a seamless solution with easy-to-use agent tools, visibility to the customer journey and integration of all systems and applications. Successfully managing omni-channel CX requires an innovative strategy and a holistic approach, balancing innovation with consistent customer care and delivery.

Join us as we offer a practical guide to structuring, managing, and optimising your omni-channel customer experience solution, including a growth strategy for better agent and customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty, and measurable business value across the enterprise.

Key Take-Aways

  • Key elements required to structure and manage omni-channel experience across the enterprise
  • Best practices for managing and improving agent and customer engagement across all channels and interactions
  • Insights into a practical guide for omni-channel customer interaction management and optimisation across the CX journey, for today and in the future
Zone 3. Cultivating Agents as Your Brand Voice
Deanne Harrison, Senior Vice President, People & Process, 24-7 Intouch

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From recruiting and training, to creating engaging workspaces, your team members need to feel like an extension of your brand to be empowered to create high-touch, seamless experiences with each customer connection. Join this interactive session to learn strategies on how to empower your team members to be as passionate about your brand as the customers they are serving.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Proven ways to empower your team members to go “off script” and personalise the conversation
  • Insight on how access to personalised data motivates team members to self-manage and drive loyalty to your customers
  • Guide to leveraging workspaces and environment to provide your team members with the confidence to represent your brand voice through every interaction
  • Success factors in creating a culture that mirrors your brand in an outsourced environment


Session to Session Travel Time


Choose one of the following concurrent sessions:

INTERACTIVE – Solutions Wheel –
Play the “wheel” to find out which of the industry’s products and services will help you solve your challenges. It is a series of rapid fire, one-on-one meetings with leading solution providers – both intense and fulfilling.

Customer Engagement – Caught in a World of Digital Flux

Stephen Loynd, Global Program Director, Digital Experience, Frost & Sullivan

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Data Analytics is upending Customer Engagement. Which systems and strategies will be needed to support and manage all the data coming at us in this era of immersive techno-consumerism and the high customer expectations that come with it?
This session will be examining themes such as:

  • The role of Data Analytics in a true Customer Experience omni-channel strategy
  • The challenge of managing disparate data and knowledge in the context of legacy technology systems
  • Data Analytics and process innovation

Key Take-Aways:

  • How much exponential change may we soon see?
  • Companies must transform rapidly, or gradually perish
  • Results from Frost & Sullivan’s global survey for 2018 on Navigating Digital Transformation in Contact Centres
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The Importance of Establishing a Multi-channel Customer Engagement Ecosystem in Our New Digital World

Tony Crane, Director, Customer Experience, Bank of Ireland

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Providing a personalised and effortless customer experience is essential in today’s society. As individual behaviours have evolved customer expectations have changed and companies must adapt to deliver an experience that provides value and remain relevant as well as returning insights that support constant evolution. A well designed customer engagement ecosystem will enable companies to achieve a seamless, personal experience that leverages the value of digital in a way that benefits both business and consumer.
Key Take-Aways:

  • A guide to the key components
  • Insight on what is critical to delivering a seamless customer experience
  • Best practices for determining what you do to personalise and what you to standardise


Food for Thought Networking Luncheon – Networking Roundtables Hosted by Industry Leaders

Practitioners and solution providers host a menu of luncheon discussions on pertinent industry issues. Dine and dish with industry experts. The list of discussion topics will be available on-site.

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Session to Session Travel Time



Roundtable sessions capture the power of all participants’ voices, insights and experiences via group discussion and exploration of the issue at hand.

Choose one of the following zones:

Zone 1: Taking IVR to a New Level


Tobias Goebel, Senior Director, Emerging Technologies, Aspect
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While digital channels for customer service such as web chat or Messenger are clearly on the rise, the “last mile” remains the phone channel in the contact center. If a call is the last resort for more and more customers to get help, what does that mean for the direction of IVR technology? And given the ubiquity of smartphones and the rise of smart home assistants, does IVR have to remain a voice-only channel, bound to the telephone?

Key Take-Aways:

  • Fresh perspectives on how existing technology can be combined in new and innovative ways to improve customer service
  • Examples of how Modern IVR continues to reduce cost without impacting the customer experience
  • Lessons learned from deployments in the real world such as Visual IVR and chatbots
Zone 2. The New Journey Map: Balancing Automation and a Personal Touch


Richard McCrossan, Digital Practice Lead, Genesys
Rodney Hassard, Global Director of Solution Strategy, Self-Service, Genesys
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Keeping pace with customer journeys has become even more complex because of the fast growth of channels and interactions. Bots automate many tasks, but the human touch is critical to the best customer experience.

Join this interactive session to learn how you can build the customer engagement platform for the future, and utilise the power of the human touch and artificial intelligence through blended AI.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Artificial intelligence and automation: Key findings in creating brand differentiation and customer satisfaction while not burning cash to get it right
  • Virtual/augmented reality: Just a fad or does it have application for business?
  • Internet of everything: Insight on what it means for customer experience when the “thing” is now directly connected to the business
Zone 3. Value-Based Leadership of Customer and Employee Experience


Stefan Osthaus, Founder and Managing Director, experience5 GmbH
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Employee experience (EX) is mostly considered to increase retention and productivity. But in addition to perks and benefits, EX can easily become the engine that boosts your customer experience to unknown heights. Join this interactive session and hear how to bring this boost to your organisation.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Strategies and proven methods to gain valuable insight on how to improve CX and EX at the same time
  • Tips on how to prioritise your EX activities for maximum ROI
  • Best practices and first hand experiences about what works and what doesn’t in EX


Networking, Refreshment, and Exhibition Break

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Real World Techniques for Conquering Root Cause Across the Enterprise

Claudia Belardo, Director, International Customer Experience, SAP Concur

Panelists Include:

Kathy O’Mahony, Personal Market Manager, Direct Banking, AIB
Phil Purdy, Customer and Client Services Manager, Europe, Travelzoo
Jason Roberts, Head of Contact Centre Operations, Dixons Carphone
Jan Smets, Director Retail and Customer Care, bpost
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To break silos, fix root cause and ultimately increase customer retention and upsell you cannot rely on just the NPS score. NPS does not CX make. The CX function within an organisation should sit independently from reporting lines working across the organisation; create projects to fix issues at root-cause; and champion CX best practices and methodologies to promote and foster a customer focused approach.

Key Take-Aways:

  • A firm grip on what the difference between a CX vs CS function, and how to use them to get the data needed to understand root-cause
  • Real world examples of outcomes and actions taken on information gleaned from listening posts set up along journey points, as mapped in collaboration with the CS team
  • Success strategies that cut across organisational silos and foster a sense of accountability and ownership for cross organisational customer-focused change


Hiring and Developing the Kind of Talent and Business Acumen You Need, to Deliver the Customer Experience You Want

Dave Bevan, Learning & Development Specialist, Jagex Games Studio
Nathan Turner, Senior Operations Manager, Jagex Games Studio
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Progressive insight from a pioneering company in the gaming industry:
Game mode: Co-op adventure | Difficulty: Easy | Quest: Level up your skills to reveal the secrets to developing high performing, customer focused talent | Reward: Supercharged service teams & a breeding ground for future company execs | Unlocks: Jagex freebies!

Key Take-Aways:

  • Guide on how to nurture talent to develop future leaders
  • Insights on how Jagex designed a career development culture & life-cycle which inspires & engages
  • Proven ways to reward & recognise service specialists using gamification & motivational drivers


Are We Measuring What is Meaningful for the Customer, and Drives True Business Value?

Jo Mayes, Director of Customer Operations, Business Stream, A Scottish Water Company
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Some CX leaders are starting to question whether traditional CX measures really do drive improved experience. This session challenges whether shifting the focus from score to action will deliver faster bottom-line benefit.

Key Take-Aways:

  • A fresh perspective on why obsessing about CX scores can be bad for business
  • Practical ways to deliver CX improvement – less talk and more action
  • Insight into the gap between perceived CX commitment and reality – a question of leadership?


Four Truths and a Lie Networking Reception

Enjoy playing detective, while deciphering the truths from the lies! Guess correctly and you will be entered to win a fantastic prize.


Dine Around Dublin – Meet in Hotel Lobby for prompt departure at his time
Take networking a step further and join us as we venture to Dublin’s vibrant city centre to see the town and taste the local cuisine. A great opportunity to further relationships with your fellow peers in a relaxed, intimate setting!

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Continental Breakfast and Exhibition


Be a Better Leader: Keep People Focused, Energised, Productive and Profitable

Michael O. “Coop” Cooper, Founder, Innovators + Influencers

Learn More
Leadership requires even more skills than ever because our environment is changing faster than ever. Adaptive Leadership builds the required skills to thrive in a constantly changing environment. In this session, you will learn how to address the baggage holding your team back, build stronger relationships, gain more alignment and harness the talents of your team by developing the mindset of an Adaptive Leader.


  • Guide to the required mindset of an Adaptive Leader
  • Insight on the simple reasons change efforts fail (that most leaders ignore)
  • Best practices for applying the regular systems diagnosis process to your


Making it Personal: How Automation and Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Way the Customer Experience is Brought to Life

Josh Reynold, Senior Director of Programs – Worldwide Customer Experience, Electronic Arts (EA)

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In Electronic Arts (EA) Worldwide Customer Experience (WWCE) organisation, or EA Help as we’re known online and on social media, we’re players helping players – whenever, wherever, and however they need us. WWCE is transforming from a traditional service desk to a Digital Service Desk of the future. One of these major transformation areas is personalising the experience for each player and employee using automation and artificial intelligence (AI).

Like many organisations, we are challenged with how to scale our business. We want to increase our capacity to help players while still focusing on keeping our costs relatively flat—all while improving the player experience. By using AI, we have taken a step toward proactively detecting and solving our players’ problems, which helps our digital interactions become more intuitive.


  • AI use cases at EA
  • Criteria for technology selection
  • Key elements of the business case
  • Lessons learned during pilot programs


Briefing Sessions, Networking, Refreshments, and Exhibition Break

Featured Demonstration Hosted by:



Case Histories explore a specific use case and include informal conversations that draw upon the experience and expertise of the featured executive and participants.

Choose one of the following zones:

Zone 1. What Makes a Customer Service Bot Exceptional?

J. Richard J. Garrett, Director, Solutions Consulting – EMEA & APAC, Jacada Europe Ltd.

Learn More
Market attention for Chatbots is blurring the line between the narrow and simple function of a chatbot and the sophisticated capabilities of an Intelligent Assistant. Exceptional understanding of customer intent, the ability to connect intent with the appropriate process and fulfillment of the customers inquiry, automation and integration are just some of the capabilities required for a true Intelligent Assistant solution. Join us in this interactive session to debug the chatbot buzz.


  • Key findings on why chatbot deployments fail and what are the critical steps for a successful project
  • Analysis of the chatbot vendor market, and how to pick your short-list
  • Tips on how to balance automation and self-service initiatives
  • Insight on the ways AI can be utilized for both helping customers and assisting agents
  • A guide to how your calls can leverage the benefits of AI
Zone 2: Inside Out & Outside In: Facilitating Channel Preferences and a Consistent Experience

Charlotte Moran, Director Customer Contact, Aviva
Simon Dillsworth, Executive Business Partner, EMEA – A Teleperformance Company

Learn More

Digital transformation is driving an increasing number of CX ‘touchpoints’ with the customer. As this relationship becomes more complex, it is critical that channel preference is understood so that the experience delivered across each channel is consistent. Where do you start? How do you identify and understand channel preference? How do you use this insight to drive a consistent experience by channel? Join this interactive session to learn strategies that will enable you to better understand your customers’ needs and best-practice approaches to optimising omnichannel experience

  • Insight on why measuring channel preference is key
  • Best-practice examples of how to capture channel preference insight
  • Strategies for using insight to drive CV action by channel
Zone 3: Customer Engagement 2018 – It’s All About Making it Anticipatory and Personal

Lauren Kindzierski, Vice President of Solutions and Capabilities, HGS


Food for Thought Networking Luncheon – Networking Roundtables Hosted by Industry Leaders

Practitioners and solution providers host a menu of luncheon discussions on pertinent industry issues. Dine and dish with industry experts. The list of discussion topics will be available on-site.

Hosted by:


Session to Session Travel Time


THE FIX – Crowdsourcing Tactical Solutions to Our Most Vexing Challenges

Share your smarts! Choose between six themed brainstorming sessions and crowd source solutions to the most vexing challenges facing customer experience and customer contact leaders today. These are fifteen minute rapid fire sessions with three rotations. First come, first serve, so choose wisely! Each brainstorm group will build upon the other to build a list of readily operationalised
ideas to these common challenges

Choose one topic for each of the three rotations:

The Fix on Global Customer Care Strategy and Operations
Hosted by: Laura Malinsky, Head of Contact Centre Capabilities, Allianz SE

The Fix on Knowledge Management
Hosted by: Claudia Belardo, Director, International Customer Experience, SAP Concur

The Fix on B2B Customer Care
Hosted by: Louise Robinson, Vice President, Global Customer Service, Diversey

The Fix on Sales vs. Service
Hosted by: Kathy O’Mahony, Personal Market Manager, Direct Banking, AIB

The Fix on Balancing Data Privacy and the Customer Experience
Hosted by: Jens Voigt, Customer Support Director, PPRO Financial

The Fix on Social Customer Care and Communities
Hosted by: Nathan Turner, Senior Operations Manager, Jagex Games Studio


Networking, Refreshments, and Exhibition Break

Featured Demonstration Hosted by:


Management Bootcamp: Effective Coaching For Contact Centre Leaders

Raffaela Bonomonte, Director Global Executive Escalations, PayPal

Learn More
Effective leaders shape the future of companies by inspiring others to reach their personal and professional goals, engaging today’s talent to build the next generation of leaders while continuously investing in their own growth and development. You can create effective leaders in your organisation through coaching and investment of time.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Learn, from our case study, how to successfully coach your Team Leaders to lead their teams more effectively
  • See our blueprint for transforming our managers into leaders
  • Adopt proven techniques that improve your engagement results and your metrics


By Popular Demand! The Power of Authentic Connections in Life and Business: 7 Magical Strategies to Boost Customer Engagement

Itzik Amiel, Adv. , Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Power Networking Academy Bestselling Author, The Attention Switch

Learn More
Developing a cohesive and enhanced client engagement and experience, requires organisations to connect to their customers and to think like their customers. Without an emphasis on genuine connection and personal engagement, any customer engagement strategy designed for the sole purpose of retaining and growing customer base will fall flat. This session draws upon research and Itzik’s bestselling book: “The Attention Switch” to illustrate the best practices to create genuine connections with customers that last!

  • Pragmatic ways for building immediate strong and genuine connections with your customers that last
  • The secrets of how the best connectors source their best contacts, alliances and prospects
  • Little known authentic ways to accelerate conversations and influence outcomes from your customers


Content for the 12th Annual Customer Contact Europe: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange Concludes

Sky Contact Centre Site Tour and Executive Roundtable

Please note participation incurs an additional fee for those other than Customer Engagement Leadership Council Members. See Register link for details.


Sky Site Tour
Shuttle Check-In for Site Tour. Transportation will be provided.


Customer Engagement Leadership Council Executive Roundtable
Hors d’oeuvres. beer, wine, and beverages will be served.


Sky Site Tour and Executive Roundtable Conclude
Shuttle Transportation to Clontarf Castle Hotel Provided.

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