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Arrive Monday to participate in Tuesday’s Networking Activities.


Suggested Arrival Time
Arrive Monday to participate in Tuesday’s Networking Activities

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Bring plenty of business cards, relax, meet-and-greet during this fun-filled day devoted to making new contacts and new friends.


Guinness Storehouse Taste & Tour

Join us at The Guinness Storehouse® to learn what goes into making the perfect pint of Guinness while enjoying panoramic views of Dublin City & beyond.

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Sponsor Workshop


Sponsor Registration & Orientation Reception


Speaker & Thought Leader Orientation

An essential meeting for speakers, facilitators and confirmed thought leaders to preview the event, highlight your roles and network with fellow peers.


Participant Meet ‘n’ Greet
This end-user/participant activity is your opportunity to identify – right out of the gate – those peers who share challenges similar to your own. It’s a great way to find participants who have thought leadership you can benefit from and to facilitate later dialogues throughout the event.


Welcome Networking Reception and Event Kickoff

Meet your fellow peers and colleagues as we engage in an ice breaker over cocktails to get the conversations started and set you up for an event whose foundation is built on collaboration.

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Registration, Continental Breakfast, and Exhibition

Master of Ceremonies:
Jan Smets, Director Retail and Customer Care, bpost



Delivering the Kind of Customer Experience that Adds Customer Value and Brings Business Benefits

Annette Hickey, Vice President EMEA Customer Solutions, Dublin Site Lead, PayPal

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Customer needs and expectations are constantly evolving. As such, it’s critical for a customer centric strategy to be integrated into not only the service organisation and its strategy, but across the entire enterprise. In this keynote presentation, PayPal will explore the journey toward creating effortless customer experiences, how the organisation can take charge of a customer-first vision, and empower its teams to surpass customer expectations and deliver truly effortless experiences.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Insight into how to service your customers effortlessly
  • Framework for remodeling your servicing strategy
  • Techniques on how to train your teammates to a different style of customer service


Navigating Customer Contact Europe

Brian Fitzpatrick, Partner, Senior Vice President & General Manager Events Division, Frost & Sullivan



Contact Centre Measurements: Driving Operations, Following Hypes or Indicators of Value Generation

Jan Smets, Director Retail and Customer Care, bpost

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As part of his 2018 book “Contact Center Management”, Jan Smets examines how contact centre executives typically report their activities towards the C-level. Do we systematically reinforce the value-contributing role of the contact centre?

Key Take-Aways:

  • Evolution in role and positioning of the contact centre
  • Insights on how contact centre typically report their activities, get seduced by hypes and run a risk of operational bias. A critical self-reflection on the image we paint
  • A fresh perspective on “The big picture”, attempting to settle the eternal debates on whether NPS, CSAT, ESAT, CES is the more appropriate



Achieving Investment Driven Outcomes

Kathy O’Mahony, Personal Market Manager, Direct Banking, AIB

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An even keel of balanced Investment in automation and people will, whilst keeping customers at the heart of your strategic thinking, drive your desired outcomes. Unless you enable and empower staff on a digitally enhanced customer journey, your organisation’s objective may not be fully achieved. Whilst this may initially be a challenge, overcoming it will ensure success.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Demonstrating returns – the importance of a Customer First ethos…let the customer take the steering wheel
  • Investing in your people – don’t leave your staff behind whilst becoming digital….you need them as the front seat navigator
  • Investing in automation – simple and functional technology will best complement your customer experience…remember your customer may be a learner driver
  • Aligning investment with strategy – stick to your original deliverables to ensure optimum outcomes…no need to replace the saloon model with a racing car half way through the journey


Frost & Sullivan Customer Contact Executive MindXchange Member and Advisory Board Recognition


Networking, Refreshment, and Exhibition Break

Featured Demonstration Hosted by:


Customise your agenda! Stay the course with one zone or bounce around to others. All collaboration zones are Power-Point Free, participant-driven discussions featuring creative thinking and idea generation.

Zone 1. Agent Efficiency and Effectiveness
Zone 2. Self-Serve and Automation in the Contact Centre
Zone 3. Customer Experience Across the Enterprise



Roundtable sessions capture the power of all participants’ voices, insights and experiences via group discussion and exploration of the issue at hand.

Choose one of the following zones:

Zone 1. Automation in the Contact Centre – Empowering Agents to Focus on the Customer

Yoel Goldenberg, Chief Product Officer, Jacada

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By its very nature, CX takes a holistic view. While there has been a push of late to improve self-service, the most successful CX initiatives are those that recognise the importance of simultaneously improving contact centre agent engagement. The same advances that powered self-service – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Personalisation, Chatbots – all are now being applied to the assisted service channel, giving organisations the ability to deliver a unique hybrid of robot and human automation to fully support customer service complexities

Key Take-Aways:

  • Clarity into the agent engagement landscape and state of the industry
  • Insight into navigating pitfalls
  • Guidance for rolling out assisted service projects, while also minimising risk
Zone 2. Strategic Mapping of an Integrated Self-Serve Experience


Lee Cottle, Vice President EMEA, Interactions LLC

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Today’s customer care market is ever-changing and enterprises are facing increasing customer demands. While it can be overwhelming to manage these expectations coupled with a growing list of customer care channels, the best place to start is by strategically outlining your customer experience journey. One of the most critical aspects to consider is how to incorporate self-service. Join Interactions as we facilitate a group discussion on the mapping of your self-serve experience.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Insight on the rapid progression of customer care and what that means for businesses
  • Best practices for mapping out and integrating a self-service strategy into your overall CX initiatives
  • An understanding of the impact that customer engagement has on overall business strategy and success
Zone 3. Doing More for Less: Reducing Cost Through Digital Disruption


Graham Brown, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, HGS

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On the backdrop of highly competitive marketplaces, shrinking budgets, and ever-increasing customer expectations – how do you deliver the best possible experience for your customers and outcomes for your business? Join us to discuss how evolving your channel strategy whilst leveraging disruptive technologies can help remove unnecessary contact and enables your customers to resolve their queries faster and easier.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Success factors in embracing new channels
  • Best practices for optimising new and existing channels
  • Strategies to focus your human talent where it will have the biggest impact


Session to Session Travel Time


Choose one of the following concurrent sessions:

INTERACTIVE – Solutions Wheel –
Play the “wheel” to find out which of the industry’s products and services will help you solve your challenges. It is a series of rapid fire, one-on-one meetings with leading Sponsors – both intense and fulfilling.

Cybersecurity – The Ins & Outs

Stephen Loynd, Global Program Director, Digital Experience, Frost & Sullivan

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When it comes to the contact centre, it is important to determine what the future of cybersecurity might look like. This is especially true at a time of increased regulation, as the GDPR has proposed the greatest change in data protection law for the online age, bringing with it a variety of impacts.

This session will be examining themes such as:

  • The top challenges of both contact centre & IT departments in 2019
  • Who’s watching us? Who has access to all our personal data?
  • Future trends and predictions

Key Take-Aways:

  • Cyber criminals will be going after private data at an ever increasing rate
  • AI and machine learning will play a central role
  • Time is accelerating, and the ramifications are considerable


Food for Thought Luncheon – Networking Roundtables Hosted by Industry Leaders

Practitioners and solution providers host a menu of luncheon discussions on pertinent industry issues. Dine and dish with industry experts. The list of discussion topics will be available on-site.

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Session to Session Travel Time



ThinkTank sessions employ interactive team exercises in a “roll up your sleeves” learning environment.

Choose one of the following zones:

Zone 1: Connected Service Management: A Model for Proactively Resolving Issues

Zone 2. A Customer Centric Approach to Automation

Zone 3. Omni in Retrospect: If I Knew Then What I Know Now


Networking, Refreshment, and Exhibition Break

Featured Demonstration Hosted by:


Ask the Experts! Panel Discussion

The Workforce of the Future: A Force for Disruptive Change


Dorothy O’Byrne, Managing Director, CCMA Ireland

Panelists Include:

Tony Crane, Customer Experience Director, Bank of Ireland
Yuval Dvir, Director of Online Partnerships, Google
Michael Nolan, Chief Customer Officer, CarTrawler
Philip Purdy, Head of Customer Services, TVPlayer
Paul Simpson, EU Virtual Site Director, Wayfair

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The future of customer service operations is uncertain, the impact of AI and new technologies means that the workforce of the future will be very different than the workforce of today.

Gain key insights and lessons learned from a panel of four leading CX organisations sharing the work they are currently undertaking to address this challenge and restructure to ensure that their workforce is equipped to provide CX excellence. Benefit from the experience of each organisation as they outline their current structure and plans and share their expertise in this area. Discover how they view this as an opportunity to develop a strategy to engage customers and staff in the new ways of working and the open and interactive platforms that are now in place to provide CX support.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Insight on where to start – how to build a people focused framework to review your current workforce and provide a vision of what future structures must be able to support
  • Advice from our panel on quick wins and short term changes that can be made to improve CX and engage your workforce in upskilling and redesigning your CX operation
  • A valuable case study with insights into new and smarter ways of working and how these can overcome current challenges including increasing housing and salary costs
  • A fresh perspective on employee engagement and retention – how non-financial benefits can help to attract, engage and retain your workforce


Join us for a Burst of Insight on:

  • Getting Hyper Personal with Analytics
  • How to Use Data to Create the Ideal Customer Experience: From Big Data to Dig Data

Marion Humeau, Global Head of Customer Experience & Digital Innovations, Groupe Renault

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Today everyone knows that data offers a huge potential to exponentially increase the quality of the customer experience, brand commitment and therefore customer preference. However, progress in most companies is slower than expected, mainly due to the difficulty of processing Big Data. It is essential to put the design of the ideal customer experience first and then look for the data that will enable it to be implemented. Learn from Groupe Renault’s experience in implementing new strategies for collecting and using customer data to fashion their customer experience project.

Key Take-Aways:

  • A practical methodology
  • Ways to sharpen your objectives
  • Success factors for designing the ideal customer experience first
  • Advice on precisely questioning the Data Lake (transactional data, navigation data, usage data, etc.)
  • Building and Nurturing a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Jarkko Vuorikoski, Head of Customer Journey, Danske Bank


Truth or Dare Networking Reception

Will you choose Truth… or Dare? Network, mix and mingle while playing the classic game of truth or dare. All who play will be entered to win a special prize!


Dine Around Dublin – Meet in hotel lobby for prompt departure at this time.
Take networking a step further and join us as we venture to Dublin’s vibrant city centre to see the town and taste the local cuisine. A great opportunity to further relationships with your fellow peers in a relaxed, intimate setting!

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Continental Breakfast and Exhibition


 “Bring Your Human to Work” – The Advisor Experience as a Force for Innovation and Creativity

Dawn Cronogue, Contact Centre Director, Brakes Group

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With all the focus on technology as the disruptor and force for innovation, what if your people are the real force for innovation and creativity? This session looks at how you ensure you activate the true power of your people.

Key Take-Aways:

  • A fresh perspective on why the advisor experience is the new factory floor
  • Practical ways to create an environment that fosters creativity and innovation
  • A guide to the art and science of unleashing the power of the advisor experience


Our AI Journey: Lessons Learned, Outcomes, and Next Steps

David Ruiz Martínez, Head of Design, Customer Experience, User Experience, Orange Bank

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What about allowing your customers to regain control of your Relationship Model? In Orange Bank we are intimately convinced that customers should be able to have control of their finances. From this belief we started providing services and experiences that establish a fairer balance of power between banks and people. One these experiences is to provide a 24/7 relationship model thanks to our AI.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Lessons learned in terms of customer experience of using a AI as the main point of contact of a bank
  • Operational actions to decide how this relationship experience is delivered within the service
  • Ways to create room for human interactions


Briefing Sessions, Networking, Refreshments, and Exhibition Break



Peer Council sessions are participant-driven discussions focusing on your key challenges and concerns.

Choose one of the following zones:

Zone 1. Innovations in Coaching and Training
Zone 2: B2B Nuances of Customer Care: An Opportunity to Address the Top Challenges Faced in B2B


Michelle Begley, Global Customer & Employee Experience Director, Diversey
Louise Robinson, Global Vice President Customer Service, Diversey

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What is most important to customers in B2B, what challenges does this present us with and how are organisations addressing this?

Key Take-Aways:

  • Techniques for personalising the customer experience
  • Actions steps for balancing personalised service against cost, insight on technology, insourcing vs. outsourcing
  • Best practices on how customer service can support organisational goals & challenges
  • Examples of value added activities to drive top and bottom line growth when moving from a cost centre to a profit centre
Zone 3: Strategic Thinkers Only: A Forum on Customer Experience for Seasoned Executives


Claudia Belardo, International CX Transformation Director, SAP Concur
Nathan Turner, Lead Customer Service Manager, Zynga

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We all seem to talk about ‘delighting the customer’ and creating experiences that are effortless, but what exactly does that mean? As a business how can we identify which experiences are the ones that have the most impact for the customer but at the same time create the best ROI for the company? How is criticality and future-proofing determined in a context of a strategic roadmap so that CX isn’t always an exercise in firefighting?

In this interactive session, we will be seeking to understand how to identify those effortless experiences that are appropriate to your brand. How to build them, and how to educate others on their importance whilst at the same time making them relevant to the future plans of your business.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Examples of what Effortless Experiences are and how what they look like might change depending on the customer market e.g. B2B and B2C environments
  • Insight into how to benchmark and then measure what kinds of experience your customers are having
  • Tools to identify the low hanging fruit which can be easily executed
  • Ways to reach your broader organisation and bring them on-board with being customer centric


Food for Thought Luncheon – Networking Roundtables Hosted by Industry Leaders

Practitioners and solution providers host a menu of luncheon discussions on pertinent industry issues. Dine and dish with industry experts. The list of discussion topics will be available on-site.

Hosted by:


Session to Session Travel Time



Join us for a Burst of Insight on:

  • Messaging: Service at Your Convenience Not Ours!

Anthony Dodson, Director of Transformation and Change, Virgin Media Ireland
Eric Mullane, Director of Customer Experience and Operations, Virgin Media Ireland

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Customer behaviour and modes of interaction are changing. Asynchronous communications, such as SMS, WhatsApp, iMessage etc, are overtaking synchronous forms of interaction, traditionally synonymous with voice. This session will share experiences on delivering a messaging solution in a traditionally voice orientated operation and growing customer migration in a sustainable manner while also delivering business benefits.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Principles of delivering the right experience for your customer & organisation
  • Insight on starting slow and building advocacy rather than big bang!
  • Best practices for managing customer expectations and delivering delightfully surprising experiences
  • Ways to measure success
  • Lessons learned – what we have changed and what we would do differently in future!
  • Live Chatting with Your Customer: Real Time and Personal

Wayne Grimshawe, Head of Revenue Contact Centres, Thames Water

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Surely delivering Live Chat is the same as voice just through a different channel…this session will share experiences on operationally delivering real time chat in a contact centre & embedding it as a channel within digital customer journeys.

Key Take-Aways:

  • My journey with live chat as a channel over the last 10 years
  • Experiences of how to make it a ‘Channel of Trust’ for customers
  • Examples of how you can get it wrong
  • Principles of delivering the right experience for your organisation
  • Achieving Customer Experience Excellence: Integrating Multi-Sites and Mergers

Justin Conry, Head of Transformation, Three Ireland

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Following the acquisition of O2 Ireland, Three Ireland embarked on a three year post merger integration journey, ultimately consolidating its disparate call centres from eight to two. As a result of the integration, Three Ireland created a superior Customer Experience, while lowering costs and making the paradigm shift to Digital. This session will examine the strategy, approach and lessons learned along the way.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Fresh perspectives on how to build an integrated strategy that accounts for churn improvement, cost improvement and experience improvement
  • Guide to practically delivering the integration strategy and real partner alignment with a BPO
  • Insight on what’s next…getting “Omni-Ready”…


Networking, Refreshments, and Exhibition Break


Transformational Visions for the Future

Matt Buttery, Head of Digital, Sky Ireland

Mervyn Neary, Head of Change & Improvement, Sky Ireland

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Get ahead – imagine the digital capabilities which could be transformative for your organisation in the future. Be ambitious in your ideas and focus on the New. Don’t adapt Existing.

Key Questions:

  • How might you use Conversational UI & Bots to improve the Digital experience?
  • How might you reinvent the Advisor desktop for a Digital Messaging age?
  • How might you remove friction from sign-in without compromising security?
  • How might you build a dynamic support model which flexes to demand?
  • How might you create new tools and processes to simplify and eliminate engineer/technician visits to the customer home?


The Great Take-Away: Implementing the Best, Brightest and Boldest Ideas from the Program

Participants at each Customer Contact Executive MindXchange come away with a wealth of key learnings and it can be a challenge to take it all in. During this interactive session, members of the Customer Contact community will highlight the most important themes, key take-aways and lessons learned they can be readily operationalised once you are back in the office.


Ed Ariel, Vice President Service Operations, ezCater

Panelists Include:

Gemma de Koning, Vice President, Operations and Logistics – EMEA, Stryker European Operations B.V.
Hicham Naim, PharmD MBA, Head of Customer Experience Strategy & Operations – EUCAN, Takeda Pharmaceuticals International AG
Neil Sturrock, Customer Service Director – Europe, Office Depot
Eric Thalmann, Director, Customer Service – Central European Region, Danfoss – Customer Engagement Leadership Council Member


Content for the 13th Annual Customer Contact Europe: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange Concludes

Hertz Europe Service Centre Tour and Executive Roundtable
Please note participation incurs an additional fee for those other than Customer Engagement Leadership Council Members. See registration page for details.


Hertz Europe Service Centre Check In – Transportation to be provided.


Customer Engagement Leadership Council Executive Roundtable: Effortless Customer Experience
Hors d’oeuvres, beer, wine, and beverages will be served.


Hertz Europe Service Centre Tour and Executive Roundtable Conclude –Transportation to Clontarf Castle Hotel provided.

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Join us at Hertz Europe Service Centre on 6 June to engage with industry peers on some of the common challenges facing your organisation.

The Hertz Corporation, a subsidiary of Hertz Global Holdings, Inc., operates the Hertz, Dollar, Thrifty & Firefly vehicle rental brands in approximately 10,200 corporate and franchisee locations throughout North America, Europe, The Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Our vision is to be the #1 trusted provider to connect you globally, where ever you need to be. We value people as our biggest asset. In everything we do, care for each other, our customers and our communities. Customer Care has a global geographical footprint of circa 2000, in-house, outsourced & at home teams, offering multi-channel Customer Service, Support and Reservations.

Participant Take-Aways:

  • Ways we use VOC data analysis in collaboration with our colleagues across the organisation to continuously enhance the customer experience
  • Best practices for technology optimisation
  • Insight on our performance coaching program to support our people deliver for customers, the organisation and themselves
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