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Maryland’s Customer Service Promise Delivers

By Gregory Derwart Managing Director, Administration and Customer Experience Maryland Department of Commerce     When Maryland Governor Larry Hogan implemented his statewide “Customer Service Initiative,” the messaging was all about the customer. He had...

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Listening To Your Customers Is Like Growing Up

By Stefan Osthaus Founder and Managing Director experience5 GmbH     Over the past years, I have worked with many clients around the globe implementing powerful voice of the customer (VoC) programs. One of the most common themes I see is management’s...

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In Pursuit of an Excellent Customer Experience

By James Pendergast Senior Vice President AARP Experience     There’s no doubt about it, for today’s customer experience professional, the current shiny objects in the room are called Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – they are the belle of the...

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Ten Tips on Customer Service Quality Management

By Rui Santos, President of the Board, Association of Portuguese, Customer Service Professionals Why is it important to know how to manage (and not just how to measure) quality? The world is changing, changing fast. The way people communicate is changing. The way...

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